European Territorial Cooperation Programme

The cross-border European Territorial Cooperation Programme “Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013” was approved by the European Commission on 28/03/2008 by Decision C(2008)1129/28-03-2008. 

The total budget (ERDF and national contribution) for the European Territorial Programme “Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013” is €138.691.303,00 .The total financing consists of €117.887.607,00 (85%) ERDF funding and €20.803.696,00 (15%) national contribution.

Eligible area
The eligible area of the Programme consists of the Region of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace (Regional Units of Evros, Kavala, Xanthi, Rodopi and Drama) and the Region of Central Macedonia (Regional Units of Thessaloniki and Serres) in Greece and the South-Central Planning Region and South-West Planning Region (Districts of Blagoevgrad, Smolyan, Kardjali and Haskovo) in Bulgaria. The Regional Unit of Kavala has been included as adjacent area.

Strategic Goal – Strategic objectives
Τhe general objective of the OP Cross-Border Cooperation «Greece – Bulgaria» for the Programming Period 2007 – 2013 is “to promote the cross-border area by ensuring regional cohesion and enhancing competitiveness”.

This strategic goal will be achieved through the following strategic objectives:

Strategic Objective 1: Strengthening the attractiveness of the area by upgrading the quality of life and improving accessibility structures
Strategic Objective 2: Enhancing competitiveness by promoting entrepreneurship, establishing networks of cooperation and investing in human resources.